BLYTHE manga girls anniversary picture book

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Photo Book- Blythe Manga Girls Inspiration
The sixth installment of the charity event doll series, this years photo book will feature the 100 Blythe dolls
that will be exhibited at the "Manga Girls Inspiration" Charity Anniversary Exhibition.
These one of a kind Blythe dolls have been completely styled from hair, fashion, to make up in manga and
anime theme! World renowned manga and anime characters will be brought to life through Blythe!
In the second chapter of the book features, the 2009 "Fashion Obsession" dolls in all of their fabulous glory!
Each doll will soon be auctioned off to their new owners, but the Manga Girls Inspiration photo book will
immortalize their beauty which can be enjoyed by everyone.
Size A4 (297 x 210mm)
Color Full color
Pages 152

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