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Remember the good times when we used to have the best party it!! Also makes a great gift with layers of pretty bits and is bound to bring loads of smiles. These parcels are for the over 13's only but 90% are bought for over 20's for a special parcel full of beautiful things that will bring back the memory of old fashioned party games. They are all hand wrapped in Bendigo full of handmade and very cute goodies and have handstamped papers, ribbons and string with little ditties and gifts on each layer. They take about an hour to wrap one parcel so here is alot of labour and love involved and they always look super special. ***TO CUSTOM MAKE A PARCEL*** - it's so easy. Just choose from the shopping pages the pretty things you would like then add the "CUSTOM pass the parcel" product photo from the "pass the parcel" category. We will layer all your gifts into the sweet hand stamped wrapped stages, entwined with string and pretty little poems and ditties to make your unwrapping an adventure of the senses. You can also add comments at the shopping cart if you have other requests:)

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