At bob we love unique handmade items. This symbol on a product means that it has been lovingly handmade by an individual, with one pair of hands on it from start to finish. blue bird

Most of our products are made in Australia to keep jobs locally to support our community.
We hire some incredible people in local cottage industry and small business who are experts at what they do. Everything is still handmade and sweat shop free but each section is done by a number of talented people to make the final quality sweet product.

Product items with this symbol mean that we have 15 or less available.
When we sell out we cannot get them again. green bird

All of our products that are made in Australia are sweat shop free - No exceptions.
For our very small quantity of imported items (only 8% or less of our products) we do
our best to check the credentials and conditions of the workers they employ. blue bird

Some of our handmade products use vintage and recycled materials such as retro fabrics, glass or plastic buttons, old machine parts, 60’s or 70’s cards and printed matter and samples of lino, vinyls and doilies. It makes each item unique and brings a sentimental quality to our sweet goodies. We use recycled and 2nd hand card and paper for all our printed matter and make our packaging so beautiful that it can be kept and re-used for life. We also strive to find sustainable and organic raw resources to make our products.